Eric Hauff as an Ugly Sister. Courtesy Dayne Cory Collection, SLQ.


October 29th, 1980 — November 1st, 1980

At this production of Cinderella, the Ballet Theatre of Queensland paid tribute to the late Sir Mostyn Hanger K.B.E.(1908-1980) who had served as BTQ President from 1970 to 1980. The tribute read: "A distinguished jurist, family man, and community worker, Sir Mostyn was an active supporter of culture and theatre. The Ballet Theatre of Queensland was privileged to have Sir Mostyn as President for many years. His passing is greatly felt." His sister was well known playwright and drama lecturer, Eunice Hanger.


Review by David Rowbotham

The Queensland Ballet Theatre’s production of ‘Cinderella’ at the Twelfth Night Theatre is beautiful in its decor and delightful in the dancing.

To the music of Prokofieff, the company’s Glenda Kelly and Kathleen Cameron have choreographed a careful, delicate performance within the keen competence of the entire corps, and the principals. Artistic Director Phyllis Danaher has guaranteed a finely controlled presentation.

I am only sorry – as I always am when recorded music takes the place of a live orchestra – that an orchestra is absent. But that disappointment passes quickly enough.

In the first act, the principal dancer who holds attention is Kathleen Cameron as the Fairy Godmother. Miss Cameron has a stunningly classical appearance. And she conducts excellently the dances by Michelle White, Vanessa Wilkinson, Janine Crane, and Susan McIntosh, who dance, with their individual corps, the roles of the spirits which represent the four seasons.

In the second act, the ballroom scene is commanded by the solo and the pas-de-deux dancing by Darryl Sim as the Prince, and Glenda Kelly as Cinderella.

The Courier Mail, 30 October 1980

Researcher and writer: Dr Christine Comans


Twelfth Night Theatre, Brisbane
Artistic Director
Phyllis Danaher M.B.E.
Rehearsal Director
Ballet Mistress: Wendy Lowe
Glenda Kelly & Kathleen Cameron
Costume Designer
Wardrobe Mistress Elizabeth Proud
Scenic Designer
Jenefer Marchant
Musical Director
Brian Stacey
Music Co-ordinator: Gary Young
Ira Smith


  • Glenda Kelly
  • Darryl Sim
  • Wendy Lowe
  • Eric Hauff
  • Janine Crane
  • Jason Roth
  • Andrew Ross
  • Kathleen Cameron
  • Helen Ralston
  • Michelle White
  • Vanessa Wilkinson
  • Janine Crane
  • Susan McIntosh
  • Darryl Sim
  • Eric Hauff
  • Jason Roth
  • Julie Morris
  • Anita Keir
  • Bernadette Ottoway
  • Andrea Campbell
  • Sue Wells
  • Leslie Nielsen
  • Alan Forman
  • Martin Ceslis
  • Debbie Keir
  • L. Dixon
  • Kellie Molloy
  • M. Powell
  • Lisa Smerdon
  • Lisa Voevoden
  • B. Constable
  • E. Boulter
  • S. Frazer
  • S. Leitch
  • C. McBride
  • S. Murphy
  • C. Norman
  • S. Oldfield
  • H. Sharpe
  • S. Shepherd
  • M. Speakman
  • S. Wilkinson
  • L. Bilbey
  • S. Crane
  • M. Hansen
  • C. Hedley
  • L. Jordan
  • D. Leach
  • H. Lockyer
  • N. McWalters
  • D. Saxon
  • H. Keir
  • H. Ross
  • P. Klavins
  • Tony Ponzo
  • Andrew Leitch
  • Keith Nielsen
  • M. Leslien
  • B. McDonald
  • G. Lyons


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