AUSTRALIAN PREMIERE OF NEW BALLET Pulcinella Plays Cupid, Symphony in C, Graduation Ball
Michelle White in 'Symphony in C'

AUSTRALIAN PREMIERE OF NEW BALLET Pulcinella Plays Cupid, Symphony in C, Graduation Ball

April 8th, 1981 — April 11th, 1981

This production saw the premiere of a new ballet Pulcinella Plays Cupid, choreographed especially for the season by former international ballet dancer, Leslie White. The ballet, whilst based on Leonide Massine's ballet Pulcinella, was reworked using Mendelssohn's Italian Symphony.



Her Majesty's Theatre, Brisbane
Artistic Director
Phyllis Danaher
Ballet Mistress: Wendy Lowe
Leslie White
Phyllis Danaher
Inara Svalbe
David Lichine
Costume Designer
Wardrobe Mistress: Elizabeth Proud
Scenic Designer
Jenny Marchant
Musical Director
Graham Young
Queensland Theatre Orchestra conducted by Georg Tintner, music by George Bizet, Johann Strauss and Felix Mendelssohn
Ira Smith


  • Michelle White
  • Lorinda Roche
  • Sharon Cruden
  • Julie Morris
  • Alan Foreman
  • Martin Ceslis
  • Kathleen Cameron
  • Ann Sinclair
  • Tony Ponzo
  • Glenda Kelly
  • Gregory Lyons
  • Bill Stanfield
  • Wendy Lowe
  • Leslie White
  • Peter McCoy
  • Lisa Voevodin
  • Cherie Norman
  • Sandra Wells
  • Kimberley Bennett
  • Lisa Smerdon
  • Lesley-Ann Dixon
  • Jodie Fryer
  • Bernadette Otttaway
  • Christine Hull
  • Fiona Hossack
  • Kim Kerrigan
  • Wendy Laraghy
  • Susan Laraghy
  • Sharon Cruden
  • Juleen West
  • Kate Fitzpatrick
  • Tammy Gibney
  • Maree Rohrig
  • Maryann Johnston
  • Judith Saxon
  • Debbie Saxon
  • Gabrielle Gruber
  • Sandra Ashley
  • Alison Sharpe
  • Laurinda Roche
  • Debbie Kier
  • Leanne Sinclair
  • Keith Nielsen
  • John Boyle
  • Graham Clark
  • Peter Rollo
  • Mal Robb
  • Bill Shannon
  • Michael Bytheway
  • Peter Klauis
  • Bruce McNeice
  • John Kazuberns


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