Swan Lake Act II, Sylvia
Susan McIntosh as Sylvia

Swan Lake Act II, Sylvia

March 19th, 1980 — March 22nd, 1980


Review by Jean Sinclair

Some of the most attractive products of Queensland in the way of youthful grace and charm are on stage at Her Majesty’s in the Ballet Theatre of Queensland.

About 70 ballet students form dance studios in and around Brisbane are staging an excerpt from Swan Lake and the full ballet of Sylvia with modern choreography by the Artistic Director of the Australian Ballet, Marilyn Jones.

Although the season is intended as an exercise to help students mature as performers, there is a remarkably high level of entertainment usually associated with professional productions.

Principal dancers, Glenda Kelly who dances the role of the Swan Queen, and Susan McIntosh who dances the role of Sylvia, are remarkably gifted girls.

Glenda Kelly, in addition to the natural gift of a petite stature, has the technical brilliance of a dancer with a bright future. A climax of spirited fireworks dispelled an earlier impression of a cool technician.

Susan McIntosh is a stunning-looking girl apart from being a very beautiful dancer. She was also co-producer of the ballet with Wendy Lowe and the two have done a very remarkable job.

The ballet Sylvia is a mythical tale of gods and goddesses, and arcadian revels, but the entire company managed to make it quite moving as well as very appealing and entertaining.

Much praise is due to the men of the cast. They all have very strong individual personalities, which they infused into their roles with tremendous verve.

Martyn Fleming, the guest artist appearing by permission of The Australian Ballet School was well in tune with his role of the shepherd Amyntas, the romantic partner of Sylvia.

Darryl Sim as Orion resembled a budding Nureyev, and Alan Forman was particularly praiseworthy for his impressive dignity and composure as the god Eros.

There was splendid work by supporting dancers and a wealth of talent and charm in the performances of the most junior dancers. Setting and costumes are most tastefully designed. The season ends tomorrow.

Brisbane Telegraph, 21 March 1980

Courtesy Dayne Cory Collection, SLQ


Her Majesty's Theatre, Brisbane
Nambour , 3 May 1980
Gympie, 24 May 1980
Murwillumbah, 7 June 1980
Artistic Director
Phyllis Danaher M.B.E.
Production Director
Phyllis Danaher
Wendy Lowe and Susan McIntosh
Rehearsal Director
Ballet Mistress Wendy Lowe
Sylvia: Marilyn Jones O.B.E.
Swan Lake: Petipa, Ivanov
Guest Artists
Martyn Fleming - Australian Ballet School
Costume Designer
Natalie Hearman
Wardrobe Mistress: Elizabeth Proud
Sound Designer
Gary Young
Musical Director
Brian Stacy
Peter Tchaikovsky & Leo Delibes
Sir Mostyn Hanger K.B.E.


  • Martyn Fleming
  • Glenda Kelly
  • Susan McIntosh
  • Rudy Guerin
  • Darryl Sim
  • Alan Foreman
  • Karen Bennett
  • Kathleen Cameron
  • Janeen Crane
  • Marise McGuirk
  • Helen Ralston
  • Rochelle Struby
  • Vanessa Wilkinson
  • Alan Forman
  • Lee Armstrong
  • Kim Bennett
  • Nadine Booth
  • Virginia Bowdridge
  • Andrea Campbell
  • Julie Cartmill
  • Suzanne Clegg
  • Jannine Currie
  • Karen Fleming
  • Tracey Foster
  • Jodi Fryer
  • Tamara Gibney
  • Christine Hull
  • Maryann Johnson
  • Anita Keir
  • Debbie Keir
  • Robyn Keir
  • Elizabeth Lake
  • Susan Laraghy
  • Wendy Laraghy
  • Danielle Loudon
  • Julie Matthews
  • Deanna Miltenburg
  • Kellie Molloy
  • Julie Morris
  • Meryl Mertagh
  • Bernadette Ottaway
  • Megar Ockerby
  • Simone Paton
  • Margaret Powell
  • Nadine Sayers
  • Fiona Scott
  • Lisa Smerdon
  • Lynette Turnball
  • Lisa Voevodin
  • Janette Webber
  • Joanne Wright
  • Martin Ceslis
  • Andrew Leitch
  • Kurt Lerps
  • Craig Morrison
  • Keith Nielsen
  • Les Nielsen
  • Tony Ponzo
  • Jason Roth
  • Jeff Schultz
  • John Vanhooff
  • Jeff Schultz

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