Season of Ballet: Les Patineurs, Coppelia, The Nutcracker, Graduation Ball
Desley Hammond & Mal Czislowski in 'Coppelia'

Season of Ballet: Les Patineurs, Coppelia, The Nutcracker, Graduation Ball

September 20th, 1967 — September 23rd, 1967



Review of 'Les Patineurs' and 'Coppelia' by Constance Cummins

 Dancing  “dolls” and nimble “skaters” provided some entrancing spectacles when Ballet Theatre of Queensland last night presented “Les Patineurs” and "Coppelia” at Her Majesty’s.

Under the capable direction of Phyllis Danaher both ballets were danced with pleasing verve, and the style of production would have done credit to any professional company.

For the large audience it was an evening of delightfully gay entertainment, and also a welcome chance to see how our young dancers are progressing.

In “Coppelia” the medieval village setting in the opening scene was particularly well constructed while good lighting effects gave the workshop of Dr Coppelia a mysterious glow.


Desley Hammond’s interpretation of the fun-loving Swanilda was as vivid and striking as her scarlet and white costume. Her miming was intensely expressive  and in her dancing she showed good balance and line. But unfortunately the famous doll-dance was somewhat marred by the overpowering loudness of the recorded music.

Dayne Cory as engaging gnomelike figure as Dr Coppelia, gave a noteworthy portrayal of the eccentric toymaker.

As the fickle young rascal Franz, Mal Czislowski impressed by the suppleness of his movements, and his distinct flair for comedy.

The high-spirited leaders of the peasant dancers, Michelle carter and Peter Lucas made the mazurka exciting to watch.


In “Les Partineurs” the snowy scene, the exhilarating music of Meyerbeer, and the Victorian capes and bonnets worn by the girls helped to create an enchanting effect.

The illusion that we were watching skaters try out their varying degrees of skill on a frozen lake was well sustained by the dancers.

As “The Girl in White”, Judy Lowe showed great poise and musicality and gave a poetical quality to her variation.

Barbara Everson and Judy Casey were decorative  and amusing, and performed the “arabesque glide” very successfully.

As the “Boy in Blue” Dennis Young danced with fine elevation and buoyancy tgough at times his arm movements tended to be jerky. His concluding series of pirouettes a la seconde made an effective finale.

The ballet season will continue till Saturday night.

The Courier Mail, September 1967


Her Majesty's Theatre, Brisbane
Les Patineurs & Coppelia Sept 20 & 21
The Nutcracker & Graduation Ball Sept 22 & 23
Artistic Director
Phyllis Danaher
Production Director
Phyllis Danaher
Cyril Johns
Costume Designer
Leslie Peterkins
Wardrobe Mistress: Elizabeth Proud
Scenic Designer
Leslie Peterkins
Ken McCaffrey
John Rodgers
Giacomo Meyerbeer, Leo Delibes
John Rodgers


  • Desley Hammond
  • Dayne Cory
  • Donald Kingston
  • Dennis Young
  • Mal Czislowski
  • Robyn Feeney
  • April Perkins
  • Judith Casey
  • Judy Lowe
  • Arthur Marshman
  • Michelle Carter
  • Judy Drynan
  • Laurel Eastment
  • Patricia Whittaker
  • Daryl Gantner
  • Peter Lucas
  • Barbara Everson
  • Eric Hauff
  • Ray Smith
  • Rodney Thompson
  • Glen Tait
  • Hugh Milne
  • Wendy Lowe
  • Nadine Warfield
  • Jean McEwan
  • Sandra Baldock
  • Julie Roberts
  • Jenny Smyth
  • Patricia Tommassi
  • Glen Tait
  • Ray Smyth
  • Phillip Trail
  • Pat Whitaker
  • V. Commer
  • C. Cross
  • J. Davies
  • E. Henderson
  • P. Hill
  • J. de Koning
  • A. Lindquist
  • J. Rousell
  • M. Mulhall
  • L. Tait
  • G. Wagner

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