Les Patineurs, Coppelia ON TOUR
Dayne Cory and Judith Lowe in 'Les Patineurs' 1966. Courtesy Judith and Wendy Lowe.

Les Patineurs, Coppelia ON TOUR

June 17th, 1967 — June 17th, 1967


Maryborough City Hall
Artistic Director
Phyllis Danaher
Production Director
Phyllis Danaher
Phyllis Danaher
Costume Designer
Leslie Peterkins
Phyllis Danaher
Wardrobe Mistress: Elizabeth Proud
Scenic Designer
Leslie Peterkins
Ken McCaffrey
John Rodgers
Meyerbeer, Delibes
John Rodgers


  • Desley Hammond
  • Dayne Cory
  • Mal Czislowski
  • Denis Melksham
  • Nola Whittle
  • Michelle Carter
  • Robyn Feeney
  • Barbara Eversen
  • Judy Casey
  • Barbara Peterson
  • Laurel Eastment
  • Patricia Whittaker
  • Judy Dryan
  • Ken McCaffrey
  • Ray Smith
  • Hugh Milne
  • Dennis Young
  • Julie Roberts
  • Judy Lowe
  • Peter Lucas
  • Wendy Lowe
  • April Perkins
  • Jennifer Hoffman
  • Karen Charteris
  • Arthur Marshman
  • Rodney Thompson
  • Laurie Whittaker
  • Darryl Gantner

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