Phyllis Danaher presents A Ballet Recital

Phyllis Danaher presents A Ballet Recital

November 26th, 1951 — November 26th, 1951


Albert Hall, Brisbane
Artistic Director
Phyllis Danaher
Production Director
Phyllis Danaher
Musical Director
Pianist: Miss Grace Colclough
Rowley-Kopylow, Ansell-Ewing, Grieg, Brahms, Scharwenka, Humperdick, Macdowell, Tchaikowsky, Chopin, Beethoven
Brenda McCullough


  • Garth Welch
  • Dawn Sealey
  • Marian Bell
  • Olwyn Martin
  • Joan Hughes
  • Rona Cousins
  • Jo Hogan
  • Susan Gibson
  • Joan Conroy
  • Rhondda Stewart
  • Lexie Kunze
  • Pam Harper
  • Leonie Beal
  • Pat Lee
  • Robert Walker
  • Jim Mathers
  • Marion Bell
  • Noela White
  • Marcia Uscinski
  • Barbara Willers
  • Margaret Hughes
  • Yvonne Gubir
  • Phyllis Woodcroft
  • Linda Gold
  • Suzanne Quin
  • Janice Paterson
  • Beverley Holt
  • Margaret Rossiter
  • Barbara Jeffrey
  • Sandra Birt
  • Denise Dufficy

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