Beauty and the Beast
Image by Tom Baker

Beauty and the Beast

January 12th, 2005 — January 15th, 2005

This production of Beauty and the Beast was dedicated to the memory of Ken McCaffrey. During his long association with Ballet Theatre, Ken McCaffrey served the company in many capacities including as President in 1987 and 1988.


The Playhouse, QPAC
Artistic Director
Jodie-Anne White & Boris Bivona
Production Director
Trevor Green
Jodie-Anne White & Boris Bivona
Assistant Choreographer
Boris Bivona
Guest Artists
Mike Kurylewski
Costume Designer
Max Hurley
Scenic Designer
Max Hurley
Leo Delibes, Georges Auric, Aram Khachaturyan
Ali Cameron


  • Ingrid Cameron
  • Jessica Kloster
  • Stephanie Pokoj
  • Laura Higgins
  • Maughan Jameson
  • Kimberley Smith
  • Anke van Rooyen
  • Kirri Webb
  • Leigh Workman
  • Raquel Alder
  • Alex Armstrong
  • Madeline Bliss
  • Rochelle Bunde
  • Michelle Burns
  • David Canman
  • Amelia Ceslis
  • Abbey Chapman
  • Katie Conway
  • Xamia Franklin
  • Margo Furness
  • Zara Gannon
  • Eloise Golledge
  • Gabrielle Keresztes
  • Imogen Kerr
  • Sarah Lehmann
  • Kieran Logan
  • Stephanie Logan
  • Natasha Matijevic
  • Nathan Mennis
  • Stephanie Meredith
  • Hannah Platt
  • Mia Powter
  • Megan Sahil
  • Yvette Sauvage
  • Lily Spencer
  • Marika Steward
  • Emily Sultan
  • Gabrielle Vargas
  • Hilary Vargas
  • Bianca Watts
  • Kirsten Weddenburn-Maxwell
  • Sam Wilson


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