The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

January 18th, 1995 — January 21st, 1995

Wonderful Wizard a visual family feast

Review by Peta Koch

Ballet Theatre of Queensland has proved a valuable training ground for young, up-and-coming dancers for more than half a century. And although only a relative few end up making the grade in dance as a career or even wanting it, it gives students the chance to perform in a close-to-professional environment and dabble with the discipline of life on the stage.

This latest production continues the long-established tradition of excellence. This Wizard should have young audiences wide-eyed with wonder. Artistic Directors Louise Hellewell and Christopher Gillard have brushed the cobwebs off the classical tale and given it a more 90s feel without losing any of its intrinsic charm.  

The choreography is simple enough to make the 45 dancers of various ages look good, yet is highly imaginative and avoids the trap of needless repetition. Most importantly, it develops the central characters of Dorothy, Toto, Scarecrow, Tin Man and Lion quite beautifully.

Being an amateur company it naturally has a tight budget but manages to unfold the visual feast that is Dorothy’s adventure with often startling clarity and creativity.

The Courier-Mail, 21 January 1995


Twelfth Night Theatre, Brisbane 1995
Ipswich Civic Hall 12 Nov 1994
Redcliffe Entertainment Centre 27 August 1994
Artistic Director
Louise Hellewell and Christopher Gillard
Louise Hellewell and Christopher Gillard
Guest Artists
Christine Heath
Costume Designer
Jean Cayzer
Val White
Claire Hellewell
Kaylene Haig
Scenic Designer
Christopher Crome
Duncan Haig
George D'Arbe
Lighting Designer
Mark Phillips
Sound Designer
Jason Whiting
Duncan B.Haig


  • Emelia Jeffreys
  • Hanna Agnew
  • Christine Heath
  • Tarnra Trevitho
  • Joanne Hunt
  • Nicole Hemmings
  • Jacquelyn Meaney
  • Natalie Lindwall
  • Connor Dowling
  • Heidi Messer
  • Antony Crome
  • Peter Crome
  • Emily Mackay
  • Natalie Ball
  • Enessa Phillips
  • Madeline Rothwell
  • Claire Peters
  • Alessandra D'Arbe
  • Louise Phillips
  • Rebecca Keating
  • Natalie Duce
  • Michelle Eide
  • Anastasia Warnick
  • Jaclyn Lindsay-Smith
  • Shannon Saywer
  • Marc Clayton
  • Elizabeth McDonnell
  • Kobie Paulus
  • Eva Soban
  • Allison Mandrusiak
  • Rebecca Newsham
  • Rachael Marley
  • Karen Ives
  • Leah Cohen
  • Melanie Garfoot
  • Anna Donovan
  • Sarah Bartrillo
  • Annelies Waller
  • Rebecca Grennan
  • Natalie Lindwall
  • Tamnmy Marquet
  • Fiona Tucker
  • Zoe Haig


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