Paquita, The Legend of Roksanda, Refracted Light
Martin Ceslis & Susan McIntosh (back), Wendy Laraghy & Susan Laraghy (front) in 'Paquita', 1982

Paquita, The Legend of Roksanda, Refracted Light

April 21st, 1982 — April 24th, 1982


Review by Judith Hughey

The Queensland Ballet Theatre certainly chose a testing program for its performances last night at the Twelfth Night Theatre. The company has selected three ballets for performances this week.

Last night the dancers worked hard. They had two major works and a modern sequence to tackle. Large casts were restricted in limited space – a little more freedom of movement would have improved the performance.

The first ballet, ‘Paquita’, was the work of composer Alois Minkus, the Viennese-born composer who died in 1917. His ballet ‘Paquita’ is busy. The movements are difficult and challenging even for a professional company.

The ballet theatre’s second ‘act’, ‘The Legend of Roksanda’, was more suited, though again dancers needed more space. The lively choruses, the dances of the evil spirits and the search through forests for the heroine worked well. It was in this ballet particularly that the company’s costume and set designers excelled.

Brisbane choreographer Sandra Breen brought a refreshing touch to the night with ‘Refracted Light’. It worked well with a ‘Goldfinger’ mood and unusual dance variations. The theatre did well to choose a modern work. Performances continue tonight, tomorrow and Saturday.

The Courier Mail, 22 April 1982


Twelfth Night, Brisbane
Artistic Director
Phyllis Danaher M.B.E.
Rehearsal Director
Ballet Mistress: Wendy Lowe
Judith Lowe
Sandra Breen
Phyllis Danaher
Costume Designer
Judith and Wendy Lowe, Terry Hogan and Phyllis Danaher
Costume execution by Theda Lowe
Scenic Designer
Jenny Marchant
Lighting Designer
Jason Whiting
Sound Designer
Jason Whiting
Video Consultant: Gary Young
Jeff Alexander, Jeff Hest, Sammy Nestico, Domenico Scarlatti, Lalo Schifrin, Alois Minkus, Camille Saint-Saƫns
Ira Smith


  • Alan Foreman
  • Martin Ceslis
  • Bryan Griffin
  • Keith Hawley
  • Susan Hogard
  • Christine Hull
  • Anita Keir
  • Glenda Kelly
  • Wendy Laraghy
  • Joanna Leslie
  • Susan McIntosh
  • Keith Nielsen
  • Susan Laraghy
  • Susan Probets
  • Sandra Ashley
  • Kimberley Bennett
  • Louise Bleazard
  • William Burke
  • Julie Cartmill
  • Suzanne Clegg
  • Barbara Constable
  • Elizabeth Ewol
  • Tania Frazer
  • Katherine Herdrie
  • Janet Hibbs
  • Fiona Hossack
  • Mary Ann Johnston
  • Kim Kerrigan
  • Patricia Kilmister
  • Peter Klavins
  • Mike Kurylewski
  • Deborah Leach
  • Andrew Leitch
  • Julie Morris
  • Keith Nielsen
  • Leslie Nielsen
  • Cherie Norman
  • Liela Probets
  • Karen Reid
  • Judith Saxon
  • Alison Sharpe
  • Georgia Shepherd
  • Sally Smith
  • Julia Thomason
  • Tiki Tsang
  • Lisa Voevidin
  • Lynette Woodcraft
  • Joanne Wright

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