Coppelia, Thoughts and Feelings
'Thoughts and Feelings' choreographed by Gail McIntosh, 1983

Coppelia, Thoughts and Feelings

April 27th, 1983 — April 30th, 1983

This season of Coppelia was dedicated to the memory of Elizabeth Proud. She had been Ballet Theatre's devoted and talented wardrobe mistress over many years.


Twelfth Night Theatre, Brisbane
Artistic Director
Co-Artistic Directors: Phyllis Danaher M.B.E. and Leslie White
Production Director
Phyllis Danaher, assisted by Wendy Lowe
Rehearsal Director
Wendy Lowe, Ballet Mistress
'Thoughts and Feelings' by Gail McIntosh
Costume Designer
'Thoughts and Feelings' by Bella Industries Pty.Ltd.
Lighting Designer
Jack Rodgers
Sound Designer
Jason Whiting
Video Consultant: Gary Young
Leo Delibes and Vangelis
Ira Smith


  • Martin Ceslis
  • Mike Kurylewski
  • Nadine Sayers
  • Kathryn Dunn
  • Andrew Leitch
  • Susan Scott
  • Lynette Forday
  • Leslie White
  • Alan Forman
  • George Thom
  • Donna Horton
  • Suzanne Crane
  • Deborah Leach
  • Julie Morris
  • Susan Wells
  • Julie Thomason
  • Lynette Woodcraft
  • Adrienne Innes
  • Tracey Waldock
  • Susan Caine
  • Tania Bobyk
  • Glenda Kelly
  • Kim Kerrigan
  • Theresa Collins
  • Alison Sharpe
  • Gabrielle Gruber
  • Kimberley Bennett
  • Georgia Shepherd
  • Nicola Grigg
  • Chris Hoy
  • Paul Hourigan
  • Kathleen Hendrie
  • Joffrid Mackett
  • Rebecca Jurss
  • Samantha Luck
  • Keith Neilson
  • Lisa Voevodin
  • Robin Ross
  • Debbie Saxon
  • Tricia Dalzell
  • Jonathon Le Poer Trch
  • Cathy Murdoch
  • Alison Sharpe
  • Suzanne Leitch
  • Alan Morris
  • Therese Collins
  • Shane Einam

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