Peter and the Wolf, Aurora's Wedding, Symphony in C
'Aurora's Wedding'

Peter and the Wolf, Aurora's Wedding, Symphony in C

November 9th, 1977 — September 12th, 1978


Her Majesty's Theatre, Brisbane
Miami Great Hall, 15 April 1978
Lismore City Hall, 29 April 1978
Dalby, 17 June 1978
Bundaberg, 24 June 1978
Ipswich, 8 July 1978
Artistic Director
Phyllis Danaher M.B.E.
Assistant Artistic Director: Inara Svalbe
Production Director
Phyllis Danaher
Rehearsal Director
Ballet Mistress: Wendy Lowe
Guest Artists
Inara Svalbe
Mal Czislowski
Costume Designer
Wardrobe Mistress: Elizabeth Proud
Scenic Designer
Jack Rodgers
Lighting Designer
Jack Rodgers
Sound Designer
Charles Leonard
Video Director: Gary Young
Musical Director
Brian Stacey
Queensland Theatre Orchestra conducted by Brian Stacey with music by Prokofiev, Bizet and Tchaikowsky
Sir Mostyn Hanger K.B.E.


  • Inara Svalbe
  • Mal Czislowski
  • Sue Bennett
  • Julie Matthews
  • Glenda Kelly
  • Roslyn Pennell
  • Michelle White
  • Karen Bennett
  • Jenny Laird
  • Marise McGuirk
  • Lindsay Bridges
  • Peter Dale
  • Paula Dale
  • Wendy Lowe
  • Alan Foreman
  • Sue McIntosh
  • Michael Todd
  • Bill Stanfield
  • Craig Phillips
  • Julianne Warner
  • John Warner
  • Helen Gaffney
  • David Leith
  • Leanne Sinclair
  • Andrea Campbell
  • Helen Ralston
  • Barbara Everson
  • N. Scott
  • L. Catsoulis
  • N. Doorey
  • L. Foreman
  • V. Hollyman
  • V. Pascoe
  • L. Price
  • T. Czislowski
  • T. Gibney
  • L. Musumeci
  • A. Steffensen
  • J. Crane
  • G. Lockington
  • L. Bridges
  • M. Bytheway
  • S. Kemp
  • P. McCoy
  • M. Van Ryk
  • F. Thompson
  • D. Lecatsas
  • L. Nielsen


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