Graduation Ball, Coppelia  ON TOUR
Christine Dwyer - Swanhilde in 'Coppelia'

Graduation Ball, Coppelia ON TOUR

May 14th, 1977 — June 25th, 1977


The Chronicle, May 16, 1977

The Toowoomba Chronicle reported that, “The often-heard lament ‘There’s nothing to do in Toowoomba’ was given the lie direct over the weekend” as three major events were available to the local “culture vultures” including Ballet Theatre’s production of two well-loved ballets, The Nutcracker and Graduation Ball.

The reviewer [‘E.S.’]commented on the “spirit of joy in which the youthfulness of the performing artists was a major contributing factor”, and that “minor roles were danced with as much finesse as the major and practically every dancer caught the essential charm and individuality of the widely varied characters”.  About Graduation Ball and Coppelia, the reviewer wrote:

Graduation Ball was highlighted by a number of divertissements with the Drummer and La Sylphide interludes drawing spontaneous applause from the audience of almost 300 people. Some welcome comic relief was provided quite competently by Robert Smart and Dayne Cory in the Mazurka Flirtation sequence.

The splendid stage setting in Walt Disney colours and design made a dramatic impact on curtain rise in Coppelia, and some clever lighting enhanced the fairytale atmosphere of the ballet. There was some excellent dancing by the principal soloists and much fine work by the corps-de-ballet in the bustling village fete scenes, with occasional moments of great delight including the opening Valse, Czardas, Dance of the Hours, and Betrothal Dance.

Both ballets were produced by Phyllis Danaher with a high degree of technical competence, though some experiment or innovation would have added impact to the presentation.

Courtesy Dayne Cory Collection, SLQ


Toowoomba City Hall, 14 May 1977
Miami SHS Great Hall, 21 May 1977
Lismore City Hall, 4 June 1977
Maryborough City Hall, 18 June 1977
Ipswich Civic Hall, 25 June 1977
Artistic Director
Phyllis Danaher M.B.E.
Assistant Artistic Director: Inara Svalbe
Production Director
Phyllis Danaher
Phyllis Danaher
Inara Svalbe
Costume Designer
Wardrobe Mistress: Elizabeth Proud
Lighting Designer
Jack Rodgers
Musical Director
Brian Stacy
Johann Strauss and Leo Delibes
Sir Mostyn Hanger K.B.E.


  • Christine Dwyer
  • Inara Svalbe
  • Craig Phillips
  • Dayne Cory
  • Robert Smart
  • Leanne Sinclair
  • Barbara Everson
  • Barbara Lecatsas
  • Christine Dwyer
  • Bill Standfield
  • Julianne Warner
  • Peter Dale
  • Susan McIntosh
  • Karen Bennett
  • Marise McGuirk
  • Julie Matthews
  • Julie Morris
  • Roslyn Pennell
  • Petrea Gibbins
  • Jenny Laird
  • Michelle White
  • Craig Phillips
  • G. Kendall
  • M. Lynch
  • M. Todd
  • P. Follent
  • D. Lecatsas
  • A. Campbell
  • L. Norman
  • K. Burrows
  • S. Gadsby
  • R. Keir
  • G. Lockington
  • R. Telfer
  • H. Mulroney

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