Peter Pan
Image by Tom Baker

Peter Pan

January 23rd, 2013 — January 26th, 2013

This production was dedicated to the loving memory of Jodie-Anne White-Bivona (1967-2012). She and her husband Boris Bivona had been co-artistic directors from 2002 to 2012.  Peter Pan was the first ballet that Jodie and Boris choreographed and directed for Ballet Theatre in 2003. This new production was, as the new artistic directors Timothy Brown and Libby McDonnell wrote in the program, an acknowledgement of "the legacy of dedication, passion and artistry that came before us." During their ten years at the helm, Jodie and Boris transformed BTQ into the very professional  company it is today.

Despite her three year battle with cancer, Jodie continued to follow her passion and in those final years choreographed three outstanding BTQ ballets - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Alice in Wonderland and Cinderella. She died on the 21st January 2012, the day of the final performance of Cinderella.

The Jodie White-Bivona Memorial Scholarship was immediately set up in her honour. It is awarded annually to a dancer who has been with the company for two consecutive seasons and who has shown outstanding ability alongside their dedication, passion and love of ballet - all qualities Jodie epitomised. The inaugural scholarship was won by Amy Radford.

Researcher and writer: Dr Christine Comans


The Playhouse, QPAC
Artistic Director
Timothy Brown & Libby McDonnell
Timothy Brown & Libby McDonnell
Guest Artists
D'Arcy Brazier
Boris Bivona
Costume Designer
Carmel Wenck
Lighting Designer
Andrew Meadows
Sound Designer
Technical Director Jeff Warnick
Michelle Platz & Leah Radford


  • D'Arcy Brazier
  • Boris Bivona
  • Katelyn Starie
  • Laura Wood
  • Jordana Back
  • Alicia Townsend
  • Hannah Clark
  • Bianca Scudamore
  • Ted Cooper
  • Amy Radford
  • Abbey Price
  • Abby McTaggart
  • Alannah Hamilton
  • Alicia Townsend
  • Amelia Fisher
  • Amelia Platz
  • Annabelle Morton
  • Brooke Thompson
  • Chloe Keneally
  • Claudia Bell
  • Claudia Conley
  • Claudia Pereira
  • Daisy Hicks
  • Emily Pirie
  • Emma Voevodin
  • Imogen Clark
  • Jessie Kalayzich
  • Jordana Back
  • Katelyn Starie
  • Laura Scott
  • Laura Wood
  • Lucy Christodoulou
  • Paris Jones
  • Sabrina Talbot
  • Zoe Schofield
  • Abbie Mann
  • Alice Bretz
  • Anastasia Morton
  • Benjamin Smith
  • Dominic Thomas
  • Dominique Twigg
  • Eden McAuliffe
  • Felicity Morton
  • Jade Morris
  • Kate Gibbons
  • Lily Smith
  • Olivia Smith
  • Brianna Parker
  • Bronte Kelly-Coleman
  • Caitlin Mio
  • Denika Vitharana
  • Georgia Clark-Patten
  • Grace Radford
  • Indigo Stuart
  • Isabella Cort
  • Katie Puzaras
  • Kelis Wiseman
  • Kirbee Bedggood
  • Lachlan Spencer
  • Phoebe Clark
  • Sophie Ginnivan


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