Les Sylphides, Winter Sun, Snow Scenes, Aurora's Wedding
'Aurora's Wedding'

Les Sylphides, Winter Sun, Snow Scenes, Aurora's Wedding

May 30th, 1984 — June 1st, 1984


Twelfth Night Theatre, Brisbane
Caloundra Civic Cultural Centre, 5 May
Redcliffe Community Centre, 19 May
Artistic Director
Phyllis Danaher
Assistant Artistic Director: Leslie White
Production Director
Phyllis Danaher
Maggi Sietsma
Leslie White
Roma Egan
Rehearsal Director
Ballet Mistress: Wendy Lowe
Mikhail Fokine
Maggi Sietsma
Lesley White
Phyllis Danaher
Roma Egan
Costume Designer
Theda Lowe
Scenic Designer
Greg Katahanas
Lighting Designer
Geoff Street
Jack Rodgers
Sound Designer
Sound and Video Consultant: Gary Young
Frederic Chopin, David Darling, Giacomo Meyerbeer, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Ira Smith


  • Susan Barnes
  • Kimberley Bennett
  • Marnie Boreham
  • William Burke
  • Phillipa Cameron
  • Barbara Constable
  • James Couzens
  • Suzanne Crane
  • Leanne Edelsten
  • Shane Einam
  • Lynette Forday
  • Alan Forman
  • Michael Francis
  • Elissa Gibbs
  • Nicola Grigg
  • Lita Hegvold
  • Susan Hogard
  • Paul Hourigan
  • Noel Jackson
  • Tanya Jealous
  • Susan Just
  • Kim Kerrigan
  • Aleta Kolb
  • Mike Kurylewski
  • Nadine Sayers
  • Susan Leitch
  • Gail McIntosh
  • Christopher May
  • Darren Mole
  • Karen Muller
  • Keith Nielsen
  • Jenny Quinlin
  • Georgia Shepherd
  • Sally Smith
  • Bill Stanfield
  • Steven Suggitt
  • Susan Wells
  • Lynette Woodcraft
  • Larissa Wright


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