Season of Ballet: Cinderella, Divertissements, Les Patineurs
Garth Welch and Marilyn Jones dancing 'Esmeralda'. Courtesy the Dayne Cory Collection, SLQ.

Season of Ballet: Cinderella, Divertissements, Les Patineurs

April 1st, 1970 — April 4th, 1970


Constance Cummins, ballet critic for the Courier-Mail, reported glowingly on BTQ’s 1970 Season of Ballet under the “distinguished direction of Phyllis Danaher” and featuring ballet greats Garth Welch and Marilyn Jones. She wrote:

It was fitting that the Australian ballet’s premier danseur, Garth Welch, who had his early lessons from Miss Danaher, should give lustre to the occasion by appearing with his wife, prima ballerina Marilyn Jones.

Her exquisite line and balance, and astonishingly high arabesque were seen to advantage in the “Flower Festival” pas de deux, a buoyant display of allegro dancing, which demanded great flexibility.

But the”Esmeralda” pas de deux, with its dramatic adagio lifts and poses, was the highlight of the evening.

Most substantial on the programme was the production of “Cinderella”, which was notable for courtly splendour, and a high standard of professional dancing by the local cast.

Lexie Kunze as Cinderella had an enchanting childlike quality and wistful gaiety. The lyrical movements of her pas de deux with the prince (Mal Czislowski) matched the lovely gravity of Prokofiev’s music.

The Ugly Sisters were wittily portrayed by Dayne Cory and Ken McCaffrey.

Kathryn Hanger as the Fairy Godmother presided with benign grace over the business of getting Cinderella to the ball.

Judith Lowe proved her worth as the romantic “Girl in White” in “Les Patineurs”.

In this ballet, with its snowy setting, and spirited music by Meyerbeer, all the dancers successfully impersonated Victorian skaters, joyously finding release from prim formality.

The Courier-Mail, April 2 1970

Researcher and writer: Dr Christine Comans


Her Majesty's Theatre, Brisbane
Artistic Director
Phyllis Danaher
Phyllis Danaher
Guest Artists
Marilyn Jones
Garth Welch
Costume Designer
Wardrobe Mistress: Elizabeth Proud
Sergei Prokofiev
Giacomo Meyerbeer
John Rodgers


  • Marilyn Jones
  • Garth Welch
  • Inara Svalbe
  • Lexie Kunze
  • Mal Czislowski
  • Peter Lucas
  • Dayne Cory
  • Ken McCaffrey
  • Kathryn Hanger
  • Judith Lowe
  • Hugh Milne
  • Patricia Whitaker
  • Helen Herbertson
  • Desley Hammond
  • Laurel Young
  • Lorelie Tate
  • Laurel Young
  • Robyn Feeney
  • Patricia Tommasi
  • Wendy Lowe
  • Diane Craitem
  • Colin Kratzing
  • Graeme Collins
  • Evan Jones
  • J. Drynan
  • M. Turner
  • M. Standring
  • J. Antonini
  • J. Goldsmith
  • S. Home
  • D. Lane
  • R. Thompson
  • H. Claxton
  • H. Taheny
  • E. Liversedge
  • M. Swan
  • M. Keane
  • G. Angus
  • D. Brown
  • A Dwyer
  • J. Dwyer
  • M. Synnott
  • M. Nightingale
  • W. Leonard
  • E. Bryant
  • G. Lucas
  • M. Vlasic
  • F. Sullivan
  • D. Leonard

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