Giselle, Kaleidoscope, The Wind and the Sea
From 'In Search of Ballet in Australia' by Marjorie Hollinshed. Courtesy Judith and Wendy Lowe.

Giselle, Kaleidoscope, The Wind and the Sea

September 11th, 1961 — September 11th, 1961


Festival Hall, Brisbane
Ipswich Wintergarden Theatre, September 4
Artistic Director
Lexie Kunze and Meryl Hughes
Production Director
Meryl Hughes
Meryl Hughes & Lexie Kunze
Guest Artists
Lexie Kunze - Borovansky Ballet
Costume Designer
Phyllis Danaher
Wardrobe Mistress: Elizabeth Proud
Scenic Designer
Carl Roemermann
A. Adam, George Gershwin, Claude Debussy
Mrs B. Falkiner


  • Lexie Kunze
  • Meryl Hughes
  • Kay Egerton
  • Kay Crawford
  • Vicki Petroff
  • Inara Svalbe
  • Rosalyn Lindner
  • Rodney Nation
  • Dayne Cory
  • Daryl Hall
  • Robert Barlow
  • Val Welch
  • Neville Canon
  • Annette Cadman
  • Janice Holden
  • Robyn Allum
  • Diana Langan
  • Shandra Walker
  • June Kiss
  • Caroline Rappell
  • Desley Hammond
  • Katherine Ovsiannikoff
  • Jan Whitelaw
  • Daphne Leighton
  • Geraldine Wheeler
  • Elaine Wilkinson
  • Vicky Petroff
  • Verelin Anderson
  • Diana Langan
  • Roslyn Lindner
  • Janice Holden
  • Caroline Rappell
  • Fonda Marendy
  • Don Lee
  • John Corazzel
  • Terry Conway
  • Graham Fing
  • Jill Rodwell
  • Heather Eustace

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